08 September 2007

When Did Refusing to Sell Out Become Passé?

AS I witness the music of my generation being used to sell everything from Buicks to boner pills, I cannot help but wonder, "Is Neil Young the only musician of the 60s with any integrity left at all?"

Musicians! When approached by a corporate suit bearing money you don't really need, ask yourself:

(poster by Jeremy Deller)

04 September 2007

02 September 2007


It's been over two years since Scott Ritter's report on the covert offensive then underway against Iran.

I am quite certain the voters who handed control of Congress back to the Democrats do not want shit like that going on. The party which rode to power on a wave of anti-war sentiment is not only letting the occupation of Iraq continue, they're ignoring the start of war against Iran - further evidence the U.S. political system proves only an illusion of choice.