28 October 2009

Global Warming = Local Weirding

Snapped this pic out front an hour ago.

Nobody told the roses November starts in four days.

27 October 2009

Musical Interlude

iball presents a great parody of a great song.

For those who were asleep or in a cave from 1975-1985, here is the original video.

23 October 2009

GOP Hypocrites on Medicare but Against Public Option

May they all be fornicated unnaturally.

Change? Bullshit!

9/11 State of Emergency Renewed

Obama Shelves Plan to Close Corporate Tax Loophole

Trillions for Wall Street While States Suffer

How obvious does it have to get before the sheeple see that Obama serves not the people, but the corporate vampires?

The Looting of America

"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial
element in the large centers has owned the government of the U.S. since
the days of Andrew Jackson."
-- Franklin D. Roosevelt

21 October 2009

None Dare Call It Bribery

Under conditions of growing unemployment and deepening social misery for working people throughout the US, President Barack Obama flew into New York City Tuesday to raise millions of dollars in campaign donations from America’s financial elite.

He was expected to clear at least $3 million, largely from a Manhattan bash with an entry fee of $30,400 per couple — the maximum contribution allowed by law.
[Story continues HERE]

09 October 2009

Happy Birthday

John Winston Ono Lennon Oct 9 1940 - Dec 8, 1980

04 October 2009

The Awful Truth about American Politics

Over at OpEd News is a righteous rant by Stephen Pizzella which is worthy of wider distribution.
Here's a snippet:
Ever since the Democrats started squealing at the same corporate trough as the Republicans, the Left has responded by sucking on a hopeium crack pipe that the Democrats have been more than happy to fill with fluff victories about identity politics and other class lite issues that have little or nothing to do with the basic economic interests of the vast majority of Americans. In the process it has become what would be considered in any other Western democracy an oxymoronic joke: a Left without a defining class consciousness.
Go HERE to read the whole thing. Then share it with someone.