10 November 2007

Democrats Show True Colors (again) by Supporting Cheney

This week Dennis Kucinich led an heroic effort to put the impeachment of Dick Cheney ON the table by requesting a floor vote on H.Res. 333. As expected, BushDemocrat Steny Hoyer moved to table the bill. And then all hell broke loose as 165 Republicans voted with Kucinich and 85 brave Democrats to force a debate on impeachment over the objections of Nancy Pelosi. To block that debate, Hoyer moved to send H.Res. 333 back to the Judiciary Committee, and this motion passed. Watch David Swanson explain the events to Paul Jay of The Real News.

03 November 2007

Global Weirding

Here are a few pics I shot this afternoon.

Mendocino in November when the poppies are in bloom.

Stop global warming!

Oops, too late.