03 November 2007

Global Weirding

Here are a few pics I shot this afternoon.

Mendocino in November when the poppies are in bloom.

Stop global warming!

Oops, too late.


  1. Not even noon and it's 70 degrees out. My poppies did give up though finally. One of my roses is trying to bloom again too.

  2. Plus my rosemary bush is blooming again, and so is my lavendar and the lobelia is still in full flower... unheard of!

    Butterflies are flitting in the yard. The sugar ants can't make up their minds between in or out, and my lone honey bee is still happening. I think the grasshoppers have finally gone six-up though.

  3. It's almost 80 here, with another hour or so of warming left in the day. This, after being 37 at dawn, must be confusing the bears who should preparing for hibernation.

  4. Until a couple of days ago it has been running 10 - 15 degrees above normal here in Sacramento for at least the last month. Now we are finally running normal - 65/40 with some nights around freezing. Frost the last two nights.

    One thing I have noticed is the difference in the fogs. 20-30 years ago the fog would set in for weeks on end and it would be so dense at times that you couldn't even read the street signs.

    Lately when we have fog it is only for a couple of days at most and the density is much less.