29 July 2009

The American Road to Fascism

-Whatever you're doing right now, stop. Click HERE and go read Richard Clark's synopsis of Chris Hedges' new book, Empire of Illusion - The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle. Then buzz it, digg it, tweet it etc.

24 July 2009

01 July 2009

Ted Rall says: "Sorry, Mr. Bush"

Ted Rall nails it again!

Stop the presses and shut off the RSS feeds: the bashiest of the Bush-bashers is starting to appreciate the Exile of Crawford.

I haven't forgiven George W. Bush for stealing two elections, starting two wars, bankrupting the treasury and doing his damnedest to turn the U.S. into a fascist state. He deserves one of hell's hottest picnic spots for refusing to lift a finger to bring the 9/11 murderers to justice. Bush was stupid. He was vicious. He should be in prison.

He was the worst president the U.S. had ever had. Until this one.

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