06 November 2012

Just Call Me Nostradavus...

Think of the money spent that could have been better spent helping people.

30 September 2012

Happy 21st Birthday!

21 years old and still going strong

04 September 2012

This Is Where It Happened

On the other side of this window. In the Spring of '68. It can never be undone.

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Someday it shall be revealed to all.

27 August 2012

Buddy Can't Resist a Box

Whenever I get a package delivered, Buddy comes running to play in the empty box. Comfortable fit is, apparently, not all that important.

I think I can fit in here... 

 If I can get turned around right...

OK, that leg's a problem...

 Almost.. just,,,push...a little...

OK, I'm calling this "in." No more pictures.