04 October 2009

The Awful Truth about American Politics

Over at OpEd News is a righteous rant by Stephen Pizzella which is worthy of wider distribution.
Here's a snippet:
Ever since the Democrats started squealing at the same corporate trough as the Republicans, the Left has responded by sucking on a hopeium crack pipe that the Democrats have been more than happy to fill with fluff victories about identity politics and other class lite issues that have little or nothing to do with the basic economic interests of the vast majority of Americans. In the process it has become what would be considered in any other Western democracy an oxymoronic joke: a Left without a defining class consciousness.
Go HERE to read the whole thing. Then share it with someone.


  1. What If You Knew - David Rovics


  2. Sometimes what we call "the government" is really the corruption that power brings to the table.

    The "shadow government" is sometimes really just the lack of government which has been replaced with corruption.

    Like gangrene replaces living flesh.