03 April 2007

Baby Seals are Drowning

The lack of ice in the Gulf of St. Lawrence has led to a mortality rate for seal pups that could be close to 100%. And yet the cruel hunt to kill baby seals continues.

The Canadian government has announced that 270,000 seals can be taken in this year’s hunt. Yet according to the government’s own scientists, this number is well above the amount of seals needed to maintain a sustainable population.

Please donate what you can now to stop this irresponsible slaughter.

Surveillance flights are reporting that there are virtually no harp seal pups to be found in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence. Without ice, mothers are forced to give birth to their pups in the water before they can swim.

In light of these tragic ice conditions, the responsible thing for Canada’s government to do would have been to call off this year’s seal hunt. Tragically, the Canadian government continues to put politics ahead of science.

The Canadian government is on record stating it will take ‘real action’ on global warming. And yet they ignore a real action they could take to combat the effects of global warming in their own backyard: ending the seal hunt.


  1. Shit!

    I can't think of anything else to say! :(

  2. If I did say something you'd learn the full scope of my expletives!

  3. Bbear,

    We're looking at the impending loss of an entire species. It's like a holocaust, only worse.

  4. IS a holocaust, and worse than human ones.