14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Today is for lovers, so here are three great old love songs as covered by Amy Winehouse, music's great new star.


  1. There's a hint of Lil Green in her voice when she's not going on blaring.... Maybe after her lobotomy we can turn her into a good singer.

  2. She's already a good singer. Not only tonally, but her phrasing is pure jazz and mature beyond her years.

    Check out Back to Black. No multi-tracking digital enhancing shit, just those great pipes of hers.

    Unfortunately, she's painfully shy and self-medicates, a la Garland, Piaf, Joplin to be able to take to the stage. I hope she lives to reach her potential.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I did enjoy the 2 oldies enough to add to my list of favorites. I agree hope she realizes life's to short to toss it away. She does have a wonderful gift to share with the world....wow my first blog!

  4. Welcome, Diana. I'm glad you enjoyed the tunes. I'm honored to have received your first blog comment. :-)