04 March 2008

And the Lord said unto Moses, "Faaar Out!"

"Was Moses high on psychedelic drugs?" - Syndey Morning Herald
"Moses was tripping at Mount Sinai" - Haaretz

Benny Shanon, a psychology professor in Jerusalem has published a new theory which makes the case Moses and the Israelites took hallucinogens.

At long last we know why they wandered around for forty years!


  1. That would explain many things

  2. WOW you people are ridiculous! just because he did something you cant explain you have to jump to conclusions! you can just have faith in our lord! He was the leader of my people and I would like it if you didn't slander his name with your ridiculous drug theories! You dont hear people saying that simon and peter were tripping when they saw jesus walk on water! So be more sensitive to "theories" that you throw out there!

  3. Anon, See Moses' recipe for anointing oil at Exodus 30:23
    Calamus is a mistranslation from the Torah's term keneh-bosm. (The "m" is the plural form.) kenehbos=cannabis

  4. Of course nobody talks about Jesus walking water - cos we all know he was the worlds first surf-boarder - I mean look at that hair - he would have been totally at home on any surfing beach - and as for the Moses stuff - it is probable that there were on something stronger than water!

  5. I won't comment on the inexact reference to my work (whoever wishes to see what I myself have written--not what the media said of that--can look at the first issue of the first volume of the academic journsl "Time and Mind".

    Here, let me comment on the erroneous linguistic analysis provided for the Hebrew term knei-bosem.
    Kaneh is "cane" (the english is derived from the Greek which, in turn, is derived from a Semitic origin)
    Knei is [plural of Kaneh]-of[X]
    note: this grammatical construction may be viewed as the converse of the English construction X's
    Bosem - singular nouns meaning perfume (not plural form as indicated above in a comment)
    In sum: fragrant cane
    The term Cannabis is derived from the Assyrian Kannibu

    Benny Shanon, Jerusalem

  6. T-T u guys always have something to say

  7. to say that the entire bible was written by a bunch of druggies is stupid and impossile. how would they have all gotten to together and coloberated they would all be to doped out dont u think?

  8. I met Jesus the other day....he's pretty cool....