11 October 2008

Wake Up America! A Coup Took Place Oct 1

In this (28 min) vid, Naomi Wolf makes the case that the deployment of US Army troops on American soil amounts to a coup.

For some time I have feared (among various nightmare scenarios) another 911-type event, this one blamed on domestic terrorists. (Like the ones Obama's been pallin' around with?) Could we see an "October surprise" which results in martial law and/or cancellation of the elections?The troops are now ready to round up patriots who object. The polls are indicating too many states would have to be rigged to let the neocons keep power. How far will they go in order to keep Obabma out of the White House?

1 comment:

  1. About 32 hours left to find out...

    But then another 2 1/2 months for them to follow up before they have to exit out the door.

    Hang on...