27 February 2009

Change my Ass!

For those who thought Obama was going to get us out of Iraq, think again. Today he said, "By August 31, 2010, our combat mission in Iraq will end." Sounds good, doesn't it? Not so good for the 50,000 troops who will be staying. I'm sure they'll feel much better when their mission name is changed from combat to "training, civilian protection and counterterrorism." They'll be just as dead when blown up by an IED, but at least it won't be in a combat role. Hell, let's call them dancers. That sounds even better.

How about Bush's use of "state secrets" to prevent judicial scrutiny of his illegal rendition program and his illegal warrantless wiretapping program? I'm sure many thought Obama would drop that bullshit claim and let the light of justice shine on the deeds of the evil doers. Wrong again. Twice now the Obama administration (which is looking more like an Obushma administration) has asserted state secrets in attempts to shut down lawsuits against those who broke US laws.

Alas, this is about what I expected. Obama can't seriously rock the boat, not if he wants to live to see his little girls grow up.

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