11 December 2009

Obama is WRONG About Afghanistan

Members of the Nobel Peace Prize committee were stunned to hear President Obama preaching war at the award of his prize medal. The fact is we need to be winding down our ruinous occupational excursion there, not getting in deeper. And the most appalling thing is the way the hardcore neocons are chortling over their new "war president".

They tell us our military force in Afghanistan is fighting terror. The exact opposite is true. Ten percent of every dollar we pour into that country goes to bribe the Taliban not to shoot at us. And when they talk about building up the Afghan army, what they don't tell you is how many recruits are in fact terrorists in for the free training. Yes, that's right, in essence the U.S. Army is running the terrorist training camps for the terrorists.

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  1. way off topic, but I thought you might like this...

    scroll down through the left side bar at this site to the NORML widget.


  2. Those are some sobering numbers.
    I don't want it taxed like alcohol, though. Tax it like basil or broccoli.