25 April 2010

My Kentucky Derby Blah Blah Blah Pick

The winner of the 2010 Kentucky Derby Presented by Yum! Brands (yes, that's the official name) is going to be  Sidney's Candy.  (Odds are 7-1 as I write this.)

Disclaimer: Or not.


  1. Dude, Eskendreya has some scary-good bloodlines. Little-known fact: Seattle Slew has been a crap sire for runners, but a STAR sire of broodmares. And this colt looks fitter, with a better stride, too. Waaaaay superior breeding, but might have the Native Dancer weak leg bones thing, with all that Northern Dancer swimming around in his veins.

    This means, of course, my heart is going to be in my throat through the whole race. I maybe shouldn't even try to hope he wins because then I'll be a fucking wreck for the next one, and if by some miracle he wins the Triple Crown, well, there will be NO fixing the leg weakness thing after THAT.

  2. I saw the Santa Anita Derby on TV and Sidney's Candy looked good enough to me. Secretariat is a great great grandfather on his mother's side. :)

    The weak leg thing has reared its ugly head. Eskendereya has been scratched due to a leg injury. :(

  3. Oh, fuck.

    But I guess it will save me freaking out.

    I want them to open the stud book to some Akal Teke stallions to breed back out the barrel bodies and weak legs. That's the only way to keep Thoroughbred racing humane... and it would do the breed a shitload of good.

  4. Well, I dropped the fuckin' h. Anyway, better Akhal-Teke pictures and they could SO do it because these are the closest to the extinct Turkmen horses that were foundation stallions with the Arabs. They are lean machines and can go fast over any surface without breaking.