22 May 2007

General Strike Planned in Portugal

To protest cuts in social services, wages and job security, Portuguese unions have called for a General Strike on May 30.

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  1. Taking my dreams and squishing them one by one, these miserable fucks.... I do NOT even yet understand how obscenely too much wealth is great enough to make one ignore the suffering it causes. I know 'elites' have had legal proscriptions against workers eating meat, etc., leaving them to try to survive on bread alone -- making it so workers lived just long enough to reproduce -- but that was before humans had the big picture and the technology and the means to do better. This vaunted 1% should be easier to squish than my dreams, and yet they are not. It all boils down to which in the 99% are willing to put themselves in the forefront, risk more discomfort, or death. Who dat? Who dat? Who dat? Lotsa griping. No action.