22 May 2007

Senate Dems Prove Me Right

Recently I posted a letter of May 15 which the chairs of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent to AG Gonzales, asking him to please comply with their subpoena of May 8. It closed thusly:
"You ignored the subpoena, did not come forward today, did not produce the documents and did not even offer an explanation for your noncompliance. Your action today is in defiance of the Committee's subpoena without explanation of any legal basis for doing so.

Please provide the information requested by May 18 at 10 a.m., so that the Chairman and the Committee can assess any objections to the subpoena or privileges claimed by the Department. The Committee intends to get to the truth.
At that time I said I expected the Dems to wimp out again. Today, they lived up to my expectations by sending *another* letter asking him to please comply. This one says:
"... we reiterate our requests for the following documents and ask that you provide them to this Committee no later than June 5, 2007:"
They say "please" no less than four times. What will they do when he ignores this one, threaten him with a "time out?"

Contact Leahy, Spector, and your Senators to demand they file Contempt of Congress charges and initiate Impeachment proceedings.

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