11 April 2009

Are The Chinese Are Trying to Poison Us?

Melamine in pet food and infant formula, embalming fluid in children's pajamas, anti-freeze in toothpaste and cough syrup, contaminated Heparin, lead paint on toys, seafood from sewage-contaminated water, honey with antibiotics in it, the list goes on and on. Today an AP article reports drywall from China is giving off fumes that corrode copper pipes, blacken jewelry and silverware, and make people sick.

The government is preparing for a pandemic. You can bet your ass it will be coming from China. What I wonder is: Will it be intentional?


  1. They don't seem to be doing it to us on purpose. They are doing it to themselves as well. They are just completely unfamiliar with the kind of standards you need to keep up, and their capitalism is exploding with this seat-of-the-pants copycat, rather than EDUCATED, way of production. The best thing anyone could do is go to China and impress certain realities upon the powers that be. They are capable and willing to make instant changes and upgrades whenever they have been convinced of the necessity. They could solve the whole climate crisis if they could be shown for real that one exists. The trouble, in other words, has not been so much with Chinese stupidity or carelessness or unwillingness or unfriendliness, but with our failures to regulate the imports and educate the exporters and government.

  2. Federal law only allows the import of meat from foreign factories that have been certified to match domestic safety standards. Since no Chinese factories are currently certified, crafty Chinese meat smugglers simply send us their meat labeled as something else.

    Some were shipped in crates labeled "dried lily flower," "prune slices" and "vegetables," according to news reports. It is unclear how much of the illegal meat slipped in undetected.

  3. Yes, deliberate stealth warfare! China has just started using biologically cloned humanoid drones in its factories and military to counter population aging from one child policy. This biocloning was started by Tong Dizhou in the early 1990s to produce star athletes but was later taken up by the PLA military. The clones are grown in the wombs of slave women from allied African dictators. and have been known to appear on American soil as illegal workers. Food and Drug Administration investigators say the Chinese spiked pet food with melamine so that they would appear in tests to have more value as protein products. They sell drywall which emit suflide fumes! Given their blatant disregard for American safey in products they sell, because they don't care if we stay alive after we enrich them, it is worrisome that these clones have not been adequately tested for potential disease transmission. Why aren't anti-American professors who were hawking phoney Japanese "quality" complaining about their fellow reds in China? China has always believed in war by stealth, in avoid open conflict, stabbing you in the back while full of smiles.