10 April 2009

My Wacky Theory Wasn't So Wacky After All

Back in the late 1970s, during a discussion following a trip to the City to see the King Tut exhibit, I came up with my theory of how the Egyptian pyramids were built. I decided there was no way they could have dragged all those blocks from the quarry and pushed them up ramps. Building such long ramps would have been a truly monumental task all by itself.
"It's made of concrete," I announced. "They formed and poured the blocks on site."
As I recall, the response from the room was laughter and, "Man, you're really stoned!"
I hadn't given it much thought over the course of thirty years, but today I decided to hit the google to see if anyone who knows what they're talking about had proposed such an heretical theory. Lo and behold, vindication!

Drexel Materials Professor Uses Scientific Research to Prove the Use of Early Lime-Based Cement in Pyramids

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