22 November 2009

Forty-Six Years On

Was the Zapruder film tampered with in the years before it was released to the public?
John Costella makes a strong case for it at his website assassinationscience.com

Was JFK taken out by the mob? Was he planning a coup against Castro? The updated edition of Legacy of Secrecy says that's what happened. See a short interview with the authors HERE.

Forty-six years on and JFK truth is still buried. Will 9/11 truth fare any better by 2047? I doubt it.


  1. Maybe I'm a total candy-ass but I can NOT believe either JFK or RFK was planning to assassinate Castro. Nixon planning it, I can believe, because that was the Eisenhower/Nixon way of handling impediments, but it was NOT part of the Kennedy mentality. They were certainly both killed because they BUCKED that mentality. I'm beginning to think Hartmann is the Alex Jones of the left....

  2. Shows to go what happens when the "authorities" bury the truth - all sorts of theories crop up.
    The idea that the mob would want to stop Kennedy from killing the man who shut down their operation in Cuba is pretty weird to me too.