23 November 2009

Now *This* is Some Scary Shit!

From The Guardian -- For 23 years Rom Houben was ­imprisoned in his own body. He saw his doctors and nurses as they visited him during their daily rounds; he listened to the conversations of his carers; he heard his mother deliver the news to him that his father had died. But he could do nothing. He was unable to communicate with his doctors or family. He could not move his head or weep, he could only listen.
Doctors presumed he was in a vegetative state following a near-fatal car crash in 1983. They believed he could feel nothing and hear nothing. For 23 years.
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The thought of that is chilling. I think I'd go mad after the first few years. Coincidentally, there was an episode of House MD about a patient like that. It was pretty cool, with scenes from the patient's POV. You can watch it here

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