21 May 2010

What's a Little Revisionism Among Friends? (Guest Post)

Yo bipeds, listen up! My original humans called me Marlon, misspelling it "Marlin" on the tag hanging from the slave collar they made me wear. (Imagine naming a cat after a fish. Idiots!)  Now that I have gotten Dave to let me live here (had to get myself crippled to do it, but that's another story) he has finally decided on a better moniker, Buddy. I like it; it suits me. (Like all cats, my real name remains secret and unpronounceable by humans.) Past references to me have been revised to reflect current reality.  Good enough for Stalin, good enough for me.


  1. Buddy's sleeping. When he wakes I'll tell him he got a comment. It'll probably go straight to his head and then he'll want a blog of his own. ;)