11 May 2010

Buddy Says: Go See Neufneuf!

As Werner used to say, Do it now.


  1. I think Technorati spit you out, man. You are NOT showing up on their radar. If you didn't switch yer feed off "full" I don't know what to say, but I hope you trumpet the Moyers thing I linked tonight far and wide.


    You and I can go pound on doors and demand our brothers and sisters come out!

    OMG! I'm drinking a SECOND logger martini!

  2. I just checked. My site feed is set to "full."

    Maybe so few people visit this site the technorats don't count it.

  3. Well, fuck it. They disappear a bunch of links at whim, and the time since linked thing is always wrong, and one's "authority" also seems to be a matter of whim... with unexplained algorithms for their capricious behavior... and I only cared because I liked having so many more points than that fuckhead, Brad, so I guess I will just go back to my strictly Zen attitude. For all I know they stopped counting links from blogs not signed up to their "service". It's beyond the pale crapolla anyway you slice it. I just know it steams Brad, who DESERVES to be steamed... parboiled.

  4. Maybe someone has to see or click on a link before it counts. Anyway, it seems the number of facebook friends or twitter followers is the currently most important popularity metric among those who care about such things.

  5. No. The fact of linking is supposed to cover it, and if they're counting Facebook and Twitter friends, I'm sunk in the "authority" game because: I'm. Never. Going. There. Hard enough trying to save all sentient beings on the intertubes. Already oceans of groupthinkitude working against me in Greater Blogistan, where it's at least feasible that inner eye might be caught. I have no confidence even The Buddha himself could manage it in the "social media".

    I hold out hope that the masses will figure out how these trends burn them and that they will sink almost as swiftly as they rose. It was immediately obvious to me, on the Facebook of it, that only Twitters would BEGIN to engage in that shit. "Oh, yes, make my whole life and everyone I know and everything I do available to every psychopath, every criminal, every government fuckhead, every law enforcement asshole, every Tom, Dick and Harry on the PLANET! I so WANT everyone to be able to pump me full of shit about EVERYTHING, at whim! What fun!"

  6. We're living in a culture where people *want* strangers to know about them. Look how many people turn out for auditions for that stupid MTV show Real World. Thousands of people scrambling to live on camera 24/7 and be watched by millions of people who wish *they* could live there. It's a brave new world.
    I created accounts at face and twit so nobody else could get my name, but don't use them. A few people I know in the analog realm have asked me to befriend them on facebook, so I did that for them. I periodically use a "share" link to post an article to twitter. For some reason I have 10 followers there, none of whom about which I know anything - probably HomSec bots.

    I'm thinking of changing Marlon's name.

  7. I don't like the name Marlon.

    News flash, you finally showed up on my listing, days later than links elsewhere that came later... but nothing seems to have budged on the authority thing anyway... but it's nice to know they haven't decided you do not exist.

    They follow you because they liked the links you shared.